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Thursday, 15 September 2016

How To Dry/Press Flowers

Hello Everyone!

Today's post is a DIY tutorial on how to press your own flowers. Maybe they have a sentimental meaning to you, you want to use dry flowers for a craft project or maybe you just have some really pretty flowers you want to keep forever.

Either way for the best results chose flowers which are naturally flat and are in their best condition without any blemishes, bruising or dry patches. 

I know you want the best value from your flowers so it's tempting to leave them out on display especially if they're part of a bouquet but trust me you want to press them at their best if you want to keep them.

There's a few different ways you can do this, I'm going to show you a traditional way which takes a few days and a little trick which is much faster.

What you need:

Flowers (flat ones work best)
Large heavy book
2 sheets of paper (or if you have oil blotting sheets for makeup this works great!)


Open up your book roughly in the middle, make sure you use the heaviest book you can find, I used a cookbook or if you still have one in your house a phonebook is ideal!

Put a sheet of paper in the book to protect the pages of the book and absorb any oil or moisture that might come out of the flower as it dries.

Place your flower face down on the sheet of paper and make sure it lies flat that no petals/leaves are bent or curled up before putting the second sheet on top and closing the book.

If your flowers are pretty big like mine you may need to stack some more books on top to keep the book closed.

Then just leave your flowers in the book for at least 10 days to dry out. It may take a little longer but just give it time!

If you can't wait up to 2 weeks for your flowers to dry out then I have a little trick to speed up the whole thing.

Take out your iron and make sure that it has no water in it and is on the lowest setting or a dry setting if you have one. 

Place a sheet of paper on your ironing board, put your flower face down on the sheet and cover with another sheet of paper just like before.

Now use your iron to press down flattening the flower but be very careful not to drag or sweep the iron across the paper like you would when ironing clothes.

You just want to press and hold for about 10 seconds and repeat all over the flower until it is completely flat and dry.

This way only takes a few minutes and you'll have perfect pressed flowers but be very careful not to scorch them!

As always if you give this a go yourself please let me know how you get on and have fun!

A xx

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